In 1993 a group of professionals founded Electronica Integral de Sonido S.A, (EISSOUND) to introduce a novel idea to the Multiroom Audio Sector.rnrnThey created the first Audio Control Unit designed to fit aesthetically with the most popular light switches. They named it the 100 Series and marketed its installation “as easy as installing a lightswitch”.rnrnIt was a revolution and changed the market to the universal gang box. From being a sector principally dominated by professional audiovisual

i500 The i500 Series from EISSOUND is a Multiroom Audio for Home System with an innovative contemporary design and cutting edge technology that delivers exceptional sound quality to enjoy music from your iPod, Radio, CD/DVD audio or MP3 player. This new System is gracefully designed to fit discreetly into all decors. Live and enjoy new sensations with the i500 Series from EISSOUND!

If it’s excellence you seek then look no further than the 400 Series. We offer this Series in a Compact or Modular version. Both can stand alone but the Modular version allows you to fit the Audio Control Units aesthetically with the most popular light switch brands. This Series is designed with you in mind, providing clear and easily accessible menus for intuitive operation. The great thing about this Series is that we have created several interfaces that allow you integrate it with automated home systems, entryphone intercoms, telephone switchboards or a PC. Yes, you can answer you door-phone from any of our Audio Contol Units installed thoughout the home or building and you can control and program the installation from your PC.

The 100 Series is designed to install into the range of lighting trims and accessories to match with your chosen style or can “stand-alone” in our own trims. This multi-purpose system, which can be extended to 120 zones, is installed in homes, buildings, schools, bars, restaurants and shopping malls providing you with the freedom to enjoy music everywhere. And, we also throw in an integrated intercom system just for good measure. Listening to the radio or music playing in the background makes us feel accompanied, a home cozier, a hotel room more comfortable and gives an office ambiance.

If you are looking for a competitively priced Multi-Room Audio System with quality sound that fits into an electrical light switch socket and is easy to install, the 90 Series is your solution. The Audio Control Unit provides volume control, on/off switch and a LED that illuminates when the system is functioning. Simply Functional Our 90 series offers a single source of audio distributed to up to XX rooms in your home or workplace. The control unit couldn’t be simpler with clearly defined buttons controlling the power and volume adjustments. The control panel will stand alone or integrate into new and existing light switch fittings. Oqulto We surprised the world with Oqulto, the loudspeaker that clearly sets us apart from anything else in the loudspeaker market. It consists of a sound acoustic device that, when attached to any continuous false ceiling tiles, converts the ceiling into a speaker. It’s innovative, ingenious and aesthetically perfect. You can’t see it, you can feel it. Its surround-sound effect creates a warm ambiance.