Esoteric K-07Xs CD player

Esoteric K-07Xs CD player

VOSP Mechanism

K-07xs Esoteric's unique VOSP* mechanism employs the same pick-up assembly used in our Grandioso line of high-end SACD players. As the pickup moves, the laser beam maintains a precise perpendicular optical axis orientation relative to the disc surface, ensuring highly accurate data reading. The mechanism is held by a robust steel plate and an 8mm-thick large steel stabilizer for superior anti-resonance properties. *VOSP = Vertically-Aligned Optical Stability Platform

Following in the Footsteps of the Grandioso K1: The New Dual Mono D/A Converter

The digital-analog converter section has been fully redesigned based on the latest platform used in the Grandioso K1. An AK4493 32-bit DAC from Asahi Kasei Electronics has been combined with premium components and the latest design technology to provide an exceptional level of sound quality. Four converters are used in each channel in a parallel differential configuration, to provide class-leading linearity and extremely low distortion. Like the K-01Xs and K-03Xs, additional buffer amplifiers are placed immediately after the DAC outputs and this gives a more powerful bass and better reproduction of low-level signals. The layout of the DAC power section has been revised to provide further improvements to the noise performance and stability.


Playable disc types Super Audio CD, CD (including CD-R and CD-RW)
Analog audio outputs  
XLR/ESL-A 1 pair (L/R)
Output impedance 40Ω
Maximum output level 5.0Vrms (1kHz, 10kΩ loaded)
RCA 1 pair (L/R)
Output impedance 15Ω
Maximum output level 2.5Vrms (1kHz, 10kΩ loaded)
Digital audio outputs  
Digital audio inputs  
USB B 1 (USB2.0 standard)
Clock input  
Input impedance 50Ω
Frequencies that can be input (±15ppm) 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz, 10MHz, 22.5792MHz, 24.576MHz
Input level  
Rectangle wave equivalent to TTL levels
Sine wave 0.5 to 1.0Vrms
Power supply  
  AC 220 to 240V. 50/60Hz
  AC 120V. 60Hz
  AC 230V. 50Hz
Power consumption 26W
External dimensions (W×H×D) 445 × 131 × 357mm
17-⅝" × 5-¼" × 14-⅛" (including protrusions)
Weight 14.2kg / 31-⅜ lb
Included accessories Power cord set × 1
Remote control (RC-1301) × 1
AAA batteries × 2
Felt pads × 3
Owner's manual × 1
Warranty card × 1


Frequency response 5Hz to 55kHz (–3dB, Super Audio CD, XLR output)
S/N ratio 119dB (Super Audio CD, XLR output)
Distortions 0.0013% (1kHz, Super Audio CD, XLR output)

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