Advance Paris X-Cd5 CD player

-15% Advance Paris X-Cd5 CD player

The X-Cd5, new CD player combines a superb presentation to a perfect technical accuracy.

The X-Cd5 is composed of a metal frame that reduces the risk of interference between the different components of your Hi-Fi system.

The metal mechanical component is suspended in order to avoid the development of vibrations during playback.

Nothing has been left to chance, all resistors and capacitors are "audiophiles"components. The audio output stage was carefully designed, bringing a great softness and real natural musical rendition, outstanding in its category.The X-Cd5 can read CD – CDR – MP3 and Hybrid SACD. The converter 24 bits – 192 kHz, ensures outstanding performing ability. The switched-mode power supply provides electrical power to the different circuits.

The CD player , X-Cd5 provides two stereo analog outputs, one balanced (XLR) and one unbalanced (RCA) as two digital outputs, one optican and one coaxial. One USB allows to connect an USB key with music files, those are drive by the remote control.

Without any signal, those products turn automatically on stanby mode after around 30 minutes. This was done for energy-savings, in order to follow EC rules.

The remote control device will make it easier to use.


  • Output Level : 2V (unbalanced)
  • Output Level : 3,87V (balanced)
  • Frequency Response (+/-1db) : 20Hz à 20 kHz
  • Distorsion < 0.005%
  • Output Impedance : 10KΩ
  • Channel Separation : 105dB
  • Signal Noise ratio : 97 dB
  • Convertor Wolfson WM8761 : 24bit-192kHz
  • AC Input : 115V-230V
  • Power Consumption < 8W
  • Dimensions (H/W(D) 70x430x257mm
  • Net Weight : 4,95 kg
  • Pregleda: 4189
  • Model: X-Cd5
  • Dostupnost: Dostupno
  • 3.499,00 kn 464,40 €
  • 2.990,00 kn 396,84 €
  • Bez poreza: 2.392,00 kn 317,47 €
  Kupovinom na 12 RATA:  249,17 kn/mj. (33 €/mj.)


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