Apex AW-12 Subwoofer (Black Metallic)

Na upit Apex AW-12 Subwoofer (Black Metallic)
Compact, front-firing 12" Subwoofer with C-CAM driver and a 500 watt Class D amplifier. Combines the best of Monitor Audio technology in a stylish, compact, cabinet finished with aluminium side trims. 12" Front-firing C-CAM® sub-woofer driver featuring triple suspension and 3" long throw voice coil. 500 watt Class D amplifier 12v trigger input allows for auto-activation when using a compatible A/V receiver or processor High efficiency switch mode power supply Compact sealed cabinet Top-mounted control of volume and EQ are designed for easy setup and adjustment Permanently fitted floor spikes can be covered with a heavy duty rubber cover for solid or hard wood flooring Finished in luxurious metallic black high gloss or metallic pearl white high gloss

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  • Pregleda: 586
  • Model: SAW12B
  • Dostupnost: Na upit
  • 10.190,00 kn
  • Bez poreza: 8.152,00 kn
  Kupovinom na 12 RATA:  849 kn mjesečno


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