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Elipson Lenny

-28% Elipson Lenny

The Lenny is a highly efficient wireless speaker which implements the latest digital audio standards.

Born out of a collaboration between Habitat & Elipson and compatible with the Bluetooth 2.1 and NFC protocols , it has been designed to offer wireless connectivity with any Bluetooth-enabled device (Android or iOS smartphones, computers...).

In addition, its high-capacity battery lets you listen to music wherever you'd like to for up to 8 hours! The Lenny is equipped with two 6.5 cm drivers and one 10 cm passive driver which enables the speaker to deliver a powerful, room-filling sound that belies its compact size.

It is a portable Bluetooth speaker, carefully built out of durable materials such as leather and aluminium. As such, the Lenny is the perfect companion to enjoy your music whenever, wherever! Designed by Pierre Favresse for Habitat & Jean-Yves Le Porcher for Elipson.

Wireless Bluetooth
2 x 10 W
Bluetooth compatibility profile
Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)
1950 mAh Li-polymer
6-8 hours
2 x 2,5"
Passive loudspeaker
Splash resistant
Dimensions (W x H x D)
165 x 368 x 170 mm
2 kg
Dimensions packaging (W x H x D)
215 x 474 x 215 mm

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  • Model: ElipsonLenny
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