Bronze BXW 10 - Powered Subwoofer - Black Oak

Bronze BXW 10 - Powered Subwoofer - Black Oak
Monitor Audio's Bronze BXW10 subwoofer represents a significant step up from its predecessor, the highly regarded BRW10. It's as compact as its forerunner, but more potent in every respect. A new 10" C-CAM driver and 200-watt RMS 'Class-D' power amplifier have been devised in tandem to provide class leading standards of control, speed, and punch. Featuring a new, fully integrated switch mode power supply, the new amplifier develops considerably more power than its predecessor, adding grip and clean bass delivery below 30 Hz. Rear panel controls include Crossover Frequency Control, Phase Control Switch, and Power Mode Switch (On-Auto-Off). Connections consist of RCA line level inputs.Bronze BX blends the best of the company's award-winning predecessors with advanced technologies from it up-market RX and flagship Platinum ranges, Bronze BX far exceeds the standards of performance and quality you'd normally expect from a speaker in its price class. By using ever more accurate computer simulations and the latest materials, Monitor Audio has fine-tuned the acclaimed Bronze Reference, developing its astonishingly precise and naturally dynamic sound to place Bronze BX on a level way beyond the capabilities of many more expensive rivals.
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  • Model: SBRSW10B
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  • Bez poreza: 3.912,00 kn
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