Silver RX FX - 3-Driver Surround Speakers - Black Oak - Pair

Na upit Silver RX FX - 3-Driver Surround Speakers - Black Oak - Pair
The discreetly profile angled baffle design of the new Silver FX surround speaker incorporates a single front-mounted 6" C-CAM RST bass/midrange driver and twin side-mounted C-CAM tweeters. It can be flush-mounted on side or rear walls, and you can change its dispersion characteristics with the flick of a switch for stellar dipole or bi-pole operation. Needless to say, it's carefully voice matched to blend in seamlessly with other members of the Silver series. Unlike conventional driver cones, the new C-CAM (Ceramic-Coated Aluminum/Magnesium) RST (Rigid Surface Technology) bass and midrange drivers take the form of a continuous uninterrupted dish. Strengthened by a uniquely dimpled surface, their greater area radiates more sound, and driven by a larger voice coil and motor, delivers greater efficiency and a cleaner, more accurate response. Inspired engineering has also produced the Silver tweeter. Silver's new 1" C-CAM tweeter design vents internally around the outside of the magnet system into a large rear-loading chamber. This releases pressure at the back of the tweeter while producing much lower resonance and better overall damping. You'll experience a wider, more accurate, and extended frequency response for greater harmonic authenticity and a smoother more natural handover with the bass drivers. Single bolt-through driver fixings have the dual effect of improving cabinet rigidity while further reducing vibration at the driver/cabinet interface. By this innovative method, drivers are mounted on a single tensioned through-bolt, which is secured to the back of the cabinet. The bolt not only acts as a rigid cabinet brace to reduce box coloration, it removes the need for conventional driver fixings as well, effectively decoupling the driver and baffle to eliminate another source of unwanted resonance. The result is a more fluid communication of mid-range frequencies, and a cleaner more refined overall appearance.

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  • Pregleda: 446
  • Model: SSSFXB
  • Dostupnost: Na upit
  • 5.990,00 kn
  • Bez poreza: 4.792,00 kn
  Kupovinom na 12 RATA:  499 kn mjesečno


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